Meet Your Travel Specialist

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Don Hathaway

Travel Agent

When I was a kid the only vacations my parents took where across country to visit relatives. Riding in the back of a 1974 Monte Carlo isn’t what I would consider a vacation. It wasn't until I got married to my wife Joanne that I experienced what a vacation was. We've traveled to Hawaii, Caribbean, Europe, South America and Africa just to name a few. Our kids have been all over the world with us. We love to travel and experience new adventures as a family so starting a family travel business with Cruise One was a natural thing to do. Now we get to work and travel together as a family. Helping other families create new adventures and memories is what we are all about. I can't think of a better way to live and appreciate life then traveling. Give us a call let us help you create those lasting memories and Dream Vacations. Leave the car at home we'll drive.

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Joanne Hathaway

Travel Agent

After 40 years of teaching and traveling for education, and raising a family. I traded in my chalk and erasers, so I could help other people get their Dream Vacations and travel whenever and where ever I want to go.

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Travel Agent

I’ve always loved to go and see new places ever since I was a kid. We camped a lot when I was younger and I always remember those trips with my family and they made me happy. I love experiencing new cultures and new languages, seeing how the rest of the world does things and see things differently than I do. Traveling to new places with family has always been a passion of mine, and now that I have a family of my own I love seeing my sons eyes light up every time we go somewhere new! Being a travel agent isn’t just about booking vacations. It’s making sure that people make memories that live on forever! Also, keeping families and loved ones connected in a way that is more rich than just having dinner together over the holidays. Traveling alone, with friends, with family fills your soul and makes living even better and that’s why I love doing this and being the person to make it all happen!

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Kristina Hathaway

Travel Agent/Marketing

Ever since I was little I loved to travel, the first place I really remember is Hawaii and thinking that the rocks I found were dinosaur eggs that needed to be buried to hatch. I was only 3 but that experience was so memorable for me that I still remember it even many years later. Now seeing and learning new things is always a joy for me. I have been to many places and have seen many things and look forward to seeing even more, I look forward to helping others also go and travel and experience these wonderful places.