North & South America

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Cosmos North America

Cosmos offers the most affordable travel packages to the world's most captivating places - from San Francisco Bay to Ha Long Bay, from the City of Brotherly Love to the City of Lights. From the tropical Hawaii to sub-tropical Lugano, and even colorful Rio to mysterious  Machu Picchu 

Globus United States & Canada

Professional Tour Directors bring your destinations to life - with unforgettable details about colorful, historical characters and landmarks. Superior hotels await - often within mere steps of the sites you want to see most. Travel in comfort within and between cities about a great variety of transportation modes.

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Globus South & Central America

Go beyond Machu Picchu to experience the essence of Peru. See local, little-known legends in Chile, Argentina, and the Amazon. From archeological surprises to wondrous wildlife encounters and timeless treasured traditions, take your experience further than the tourist attractions - while still seeing the classic sites you've dreamed of seeing.