The World Us Waiting.

We'll Take You There.

You have arrived. You're free to indulge your curiosities and explore the world. To get out there and encounter new cultures. Learn new things for the simple joy of learning. Revive your senses as you taste food and wines in the very places they began.


Tap into the many rhythms of life in places you've always dreamed about. You'll find inspiration, connection, and enrichment around every corner. Yes you have arrived, and its your time to tour.

Escorted Tours

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Euro Globus.JPG

Cosmos Europe

Turning Travel Dreams Into Reality

Whether you're a seasoned traveler looking to check another destination off your list or someone trying to make that once-in-a-lifetime vacation happen, with Cosmos we can help you get there.

We handle the details with Cosmos so you just have to focus on enjoying remarkable destinations with well-designed daily itineraries to see the must-see sight.

Globus Europe

Discover Your Favorite Destinations.

With more than nine decades of introducing travelers to the world's most beloved destinations, Globus has learned a thing or two about the undiscovered spots that tell the true story behind the country.


Follow them on the off-the-beaten-path locations with the charm, tradition, and cultural beauty that can only be found in the authentic towns and landscapes of Europe.

From undiscovered hamlets in Great Britain to the vineyards and hills of Italy that only the locals know, they share their favorite, less-traveled treasures with you.